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The desire for a thing or situation which is very unrealistic but persists as a desireable alternative to reality. Its accumulation in the psyche leads to the state of being wistful. In large enough amounts wist can even lead to cognitive dissonance and melancholy.
Abandoning pursuit of her childish dreams for a life of safe pragmatism, she was overcome by wist.
by vesper September 23, 2013

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A very beautiful woman from Detroit, Michigan who entered the Flavor of Love 2 cast and ended up beating Tiffany "New York" Pollard as Flavor Flav's new girl. But they ended up breaking up. She is mostly known for her butt as well being an Eye Candy Model and Video Girl, who recently starred in Paul Wall's "Break'Em Off" video and just released her own line of jeans called "D-Cut" and released a new single called "Rumpshaker" and "Rumpshaker Remix" with Trina a.k.a. the baddest bitch.
Deelishis was the winner of Flavor Of Love 2.
by Vesper August 20, 2007

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