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Tecktonik was a dance and a fashion phenomenon in France during the years 2006-2008. Initially, "Tecktonik" referred to electro parties influenced by hardstyle and jumpstyle organized in the early 2000s by the Metropolis , a nightclub located in Rungis, in the Paris suburbs . The growing popularity of these parties generated an impressive fashion phenomenon for electro dance among teenagers throughout France and Eupore around 2006-2007.

Many products derived from these events are then created by designers and marketers including compilations, energy drinks, a clothing brand etc.

This lead to the rise of the "Tecktonik look", a mix between rave aesthetic and emo look : bright hair dye, skin-tight clothes, fluorescent/neon clothes metal/rock/ black and white emo patterns , punk Mohawk, tight-fittingsclot , etc.

As every trend and sudden youth phenomenon Tecktonik was criticized a lot by parents and adults and tecktonik dancers were quickly marginalized and made fun of. From 2008, the popularity of Tecktonik in France quickly waned. People started to see it as cringe and an era everyone rather forget about. It later became a joke among teens and young adults in the 2010's.

Now french millennials sometimes mention it with a smile and a hint of nostalgy, remembering their craft teenage years...
_Look, this is a picture of me from 2007. I was right in the middle of my Tecktonik phase. 😄
_ You really were deep into it lmao... The pink hair, mohawk and all 😂
by Verinexa September 6, 2022
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