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The conversations you have with the girl or guy you’re crushing on which that has not physical proof, usually to the escalation of masterbation at the same time
Yo do you know who my yawawe is?

Do you guys know what yawawe means?

Yawawe!! Hey
by Verbaljewely April 08, 2021

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Turn your head slightly left. Nod quick.
“Tax hell nod”
by Verbaljewely May 02, 2021

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Incessantly inquistive loving repugnantly OP
I almost want to kill myself“, “do you still want to go home?” “Where is home” “home is who you aren’t when you’re not with me... stay, we’ll be able to talk this out”. “That’s a stolid thing to apply,” “Rrr” “rrr” “if you go, and there is a thin line, where would we be?” “Well there’d be an over-under” “yeah’ll” “t” “now you’re seeing how you’re acting” “don’t just do with what you believe everyone is inside” “if you haven’t met them before you were 3 days your junior, you should not associate until they feel you’re not a trap or some kind of test for them” “okay” “loooovvveeee yooouuu” “love you too... so can I go?” -the next day- “hey.” “Hey are you still okay” “r.r.” “It do be like that sometimes” “yeet <3”
by Verbaljewely July 19, 2020

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Tart before the aftertaste and not bitter, yet unsubliminal
A really good example of tertiary candy is a really nice really really nice, warhead with that blue flavor.
by Verbaljewely July 08, 2020

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