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A term used by experienced gamers to tell the noobs to stop whining about being killed or losing.
(In a CoD4 game, the marines win with pure skill)
OpFor: The marines are a bunch of hacking noobs
Marines: STFU NOOB!
by VMP94 May 23, 2010

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the word SEX turned 180 degrees.
I have a licence plate that ends with X3S. I'm gonna hang it upside down.
by VMP94 October 22, 2012

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The period of time after a major software release where software developers temporarily suspend work on new features to refactor (cleanup) their code.
Good job pushing out version 2.1, guys. The next month will be a refactory period. Please clean up all the the kludges and hacks in our code.

- Management
by VMP94 November 19, 2017

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