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A fundamental belief of Mitt Romney's, based on mistaken understanding of an issue (one of many).
"Romney wants to eliminate President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, and stated that doing so will IMPROVE racial inequities in healthcare?! What a Mittconception - actually said that at the NAACP Annual Convention too!!"

"Mitt Romney says he's unemployed? Dude, that's another Mittconception. He has no idea what it's like to depend on a weekly paycheck."
by VGBaby July 16, 2012
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Drivers over the new Q bridge in New Haven, especially summer tourists heading north and east, who cannot focus on driving due to improved views, ongoing construction, constant tight traffic in narrow lanes, and frequent rerouting.
"Stay out of that car's way, clearly he's a QB newbie!"

"Then, when you go from 91S to 95N, your lane will take a sharp 90 degree left before the bridge. Slow down and don't be a QB newbie."
by VGBaby July 08, 2012
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