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a window lurker is someone who stares out the window at people unknowns to those people.

A person who "window lurks" is often wishes that she was those other people who he/she is window lurking.

when a window lurking addict gets caught window lurking she will generally go into denial about the habit, and never admit it to anyone, especially her victims.

window lurking victims can often be "way cooler" than the window lurker, hence the reason for the window lurking in the first place.

window lurking is particularly prevalent within office workplaces.
I think those people over there look really cool so, as a serial window lurker, I'm going to go window lurking them for the afternoon.

As a window lurker, window lurking really makes my workday go fast.

I'm busy now, but I'll go window lurking later.

Nobody has I clue I was window lurking them all week long. I am such a good window lurker.
by VATpackman May 13, 2011

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