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An absolute joke to the movie industry and the worst director in the history of mankind. He couldn't make a good movie if his pathetic life depended on it. This asshole makes Michael Bay look like fucking Steven Spielberg. People compare him to Ed Wood. Well, that's an insult to Ed Wood. At least Ed Wood loved movie making and was enthuastic that was shadowed by his poor filmmaking skills. All Uwe Boll cares about is his publicity and he will sink to extremely low levels to do so. One of his most famous stunts was challenging critics to boxing matches. Well, once he found out who he was facing, he backed down like the pussy against everyone who was bigger and stronger than him. Then he finally decides to beat the shit out of some wimpy critic who has absolutely no boxing training. What a fucking pansy.

In his latest attempt at controversy he sinks to an even lower level. He decides to make a 9/11 parody based on a shitty game called Postal. It's pretty pathetic if you want to exploit a terrible terrorist attack to get your name in the paper. Now liberal fucktards are creaming their pants everywhere thanks to him.

Where the fuck does he get his money to fund his films and WHY THE FUCK DO PEOPLE DECIDE TO WORK WITH HIM?!
I'd rather drink diarrhea vomited out of a buffalo's anus than watch an Uwe Boll movie.
by Uwe Boll should die April 16, 2007
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