2 definitions by Utt

when a man can take his flaccid penis in one hand and be long enough to have extra, which he rotates. This gives the propellor affect. This can also be done with no hands, but is a tad more difficult and for the advanced only, as it requires flexible hips.
Leena: last night, i was asking Tyler to show me all the things he can do with his dick and he did something called the helicopter. It was so funny, i've never seen anything like that before!!
by Utt July 9, 2005
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n.- when a man gets a boner in the shower and, after drying off, can drop the wet towel and have his penis catch it and hold it
John: wow, did you see Joe in the showers?? he's hung like a horse! i watched him show off by doing the towel rack as he walked out.
by Utt July 9, 2005
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