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Relaxed-fitting jeans designed for women that are actually pointless due to the pockets usually being sewn-on fabric patches (sometimes with decorative, industrial-chic, gunmetal zippers) instead of actual pockets to store important things like wallets, keys and pepper spray.

See also: women's cargo pants; boyfriend shirt; G-star Raw's cute new 'boyfriend shirt dress'.
Back in the 90's, relaxed fitting jeans marketed for women were simply called... jeans, and they had actual pockets, unlike boyfriend jeans. Now female hipster millennials apparently require a boyfriend to achieve the 'fuck-the-patriarchy' look.
by Utinni Yubnub June 9, 2016
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An annoying, ultra-PC individual who likes to correct others if they use identity-first language instead of person-first language.

Commonly found in discussion forums on social media.
Person A: "I am Autistic."
Person B: "Ermergerd, no you're not!!! You HAVE autism!!"
Person A: "Do YOU have Autism?"
Person B: "No."
Person A: "Then respectfully fuck off about how I self-identify."
Fucking semantics warriors..

Identity-first person-first semantics SJW social justice warrior keyboard warriorpolitical correctnessmansplaining autism parent autism momableismableist
by Utinni Yubnub March 14, 2016
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