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the best fuckin' monster ever!
Heh he........
by urmom November 29, 2003

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An ass that is hairy.
That's a very hairy ass!
by UrMom January 29, 2003

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urmom was the definition last night if you catch my drift

urmom is generally used as a response to anything on the internet, usually by people of a somewhat simple nature.

lol checkmate
by urmom October 10, 2003

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westland is a school filled with REALLY sketchy SCARY people....they are very clique..and the "ghetto" group (filled with whites and asians and some blak and hispanics) all have sex before 9th grade.... they all carry knifes and such.. the preps.. think they are gangsta and are cool but reality is..they arent.....
prep-im so hot its crazy
ghetto- if ur so hot then lets have sex
ghetto#2- i will cut you if you have sex with her first
prep-im so hot that we can have a 3 some
by urmom February 18, 2005

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another name for Chappaqua, NY that a few kids made up and now the whole town is using it
Where you from?

by urmom June 08, 2006

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someone who is a stupid retard
You are such a Queerball
by urmom January 15, 2005

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the silly goat who everyone loves <3
bahhhhh silly goat <333!
by urmom February 14, 2005

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