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When a male gender gets a habanero pepper and cuts it in half, takes one half and enters it in his rectum area, and the other half into his pee hole. After doing this he runs in counterclockwise circles untill he throws up on a female circus mule.
"Man last night was so off the chain me and Andy did six flaming matchsticks before 2 am."
by Urban Andy February 01, 2009
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When a female gender poops or sharts while wearing a thong. After this a male gender takes the soiled garment and holds it horizontally in front of a mirror. He then draws it back like a crossbow and snaps the shitty garment at the mirror, resulting in a fury of fecal matter on your mirror.
"Oh man I missed a spot shaving this morning because my roomate did a kentucky crossbow last night, and the mirror was filthy."

"The only good thing about that mexican restaurant was that my ol' lady got the shits, so I was able to do a few kentcuky crossbows last night
by Urban Andy February 08, 2009
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When a male cannot grow a beard, just hair on his neck area like a small amish boy. If a person can grow a "true" neck pussy they should not have to shave there face, just their neck.
"Damn when Andy was home sick for those two days his neck pussy got outta control."

"That girl at the bar last night thought my neck pussy whas the bomb.com"
by Urban Andy February 03, 2009
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