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Also written as 3-1-Ho. A slut and/or whore who lives (or pretends to live) in the "310" area code of Los Angeles. These are usually middle to upperclass skanks who frequent dance clubs, hipster joints, and upscale hotel lounges. Wardrobe is usually ultra-mini skirts, over-priced denim jeans, and/or "fuck-me" pumps. They can be identified by a desperate need for attention, lack of self-esteem and obvious signs of plastic surgery. They may seem snooty and stuck-up at first, but after a drink or two, they'll sleep with anyone at any time for any reason.
After just one drink, Tammy brought this dude back to her condo and they screwed all night. That's the 3rd guy this week! She's such a Three-One-Ho!
by UrFatLiana August 09, 2010
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