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When a woman is on her period and has had a load shot into her pussy she blows a bubble out of her vagina held together by cum and blood until it pops.
After having vaginal sex with Diane, Ted proceeded to eat her out. He soon found out she was on her period when the tip of his tongue popped her bloody queef bubble and sprayed blood and his own splooge into his mouth and the back of his throat.
by Unfortunate Ted November 22, 2010

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The chunks of meat in a man's pants fly after he make the horrible mistake of zipping his penis.
Rabbi Jewski broke a Guinness world record last week when he performed his own circumcision. The zipper meat was peeled off of his pants zipper and placed in a plaque next to his Guinness plaque for the whole congregation to admire.
by Unfortunate Ted October 08, 2011

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When a woman's pussy gets so wet that it's literally flowing out of her.
I was having sex with my pregnant wife, I thought I was visiting Vaginiagra Falls... turns out it was just her water breaking.
by Unfortunate Ted February 01, 2012

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The chunky acne lumps that slip out of a well pinched zit.
Underneath the red puffy layer of skin covering the prom night horror zit lies forehead cheese. It is waiting to be oozed into a dinner napkin when the pressure of the zit juice overwhelms the poor host into popping his monster zit.
by Unfortunate Ted April 12, 2011

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