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1 definition by UncleTomThinksImCute

SCP-173 is an alien that is contained in a facility called The SCP Foundation like most other SCPs, it is in there because it is abnormal and out of the ordinary. It is a figure like a weeping angel however in a different form, it looks like a gingerbread figure.

It builds up a mold like subjects which can potentially form an exact copy of itself if the mold builds up.

If there is a containment breech two people usually an officer and a scientist will enter the area and never loose sight, if one wants to blink the other one had to watch. This SCP will snap or choke the human until death.
"Gerald why did you open the door"
"I'm sorry"
Both blink at the same time..... Gerald no more!" CAN WE GET A CLEAN UP PLEASE ON ILSE 7 PLEASE SCP-173 GOT A BIT ANGRY!!!!
by UncleTomThinksImCute February 19, 2019
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