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K-pop is Korean pop music. having been gained popularity by the miraculous thing called the Internet, K-pop has been renowned worldwide for it's unique talent.

K-pop usually has music videos involving choreography, Multiple group members, and extremely attractive people. (Nevertheless, it also has it's share of solo artists.)

K-pop artists also have fanbases based on them, such as S♥NES, (Who are SNSDs' fanbase) They tend to get a bit pissed off when someone badmouths a certain artist.

People have their opinion on which music they like the best, But it is not fair for ANYONE to trash someones' preferred music genre. Even though I am A K-pop fan, I respect the American music industry (Except for some artists) and I'm disgusted how we treat each other this way. Have some decency.
Hey you gonna watch the new SNSD video tonight? Their singing ability is amazing, IMO

Yeah, I heard it's pretty hot.


k-pop is my preferred genre
by UltraNoobXD December 19, 2011

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A 3-man Korean/Japanese boy band, originally from the group TVXQ Before they split up into to two groups due to legal reasons with the record company. JYJ consists of Jesung, Yoochun, and Jaejoong.

JYJ has debuted with a Japanese single "Itsudatte Kimi Ni" and has been well received. Shortly after, Some stupid jackasses thought that they would be successful in the states. So, The single that was sung in English, "Ayy girl" was produced. The single has had mixed reactions but did not make it in the states. After said song was released, their next song, sung in their native language, Korean, "In Heaven" The single has been very well received and stands as one of their best.

JYJ shares a fanbase with TVXQ, Cassiopeia, since JYJ is technically still with TVXQ with Yunho and Changmin. Cassiopeia has the Guinness world record for Largest Fanbase in the world.
JYJ is my favorite boy band

person 1:You gonna see the JYJ concert tonight?

person 2:yeah, but I wish they were with TVXQ again...

person 1:Yeah...
by UltraNoobXD January 02, 2012

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