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A point during masturbation where you start to lose control and revert to a Neanderthal goon tard, often after hitting poppers or smoking an insane amount of weed. The pleasure becomes so intense that your eyes roll back, your mouth opens into an "O", and you're either panting, grunting, making monkeybate sounds or babbling about how good your penis feels.
Once I took that last hit of poppers I was gooned out bro.
by Ultbator August 20, 2019

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The act of vigorously masturbating penis, aided by either poppers, weed, or both and often at the expense of personal relationships and productivity. So named because the masturbator engaging in the monkeybate is often so overwhelmed with pleasure that they screw up their faces in a way that mimics a baboon, gorilla, or monkey.
"Bro, Chad is so fucking gooned out on his monkeybate."
by Ultbator August 19, 2019

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