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A sexual act with a russian man, a russian woman, and a bear where the bear goes bare without a condom or lube and the man uses vodka as lubricant . Whilst they are having sex they all sing the Soviet Union Anthem at once which should then lead to a Vladimir Putin flying down from the Clouds wearing nothing but a Russian flag colored g-string and a trapper hat. Whenever Putin reaches the ground the man, the woman, the bear will all get on their knees and suck his dick and whenever one of them isn't sucking his russian sausage log they are yelling Cyka Blyat. After Putin has finished and came in everyone's mouth he will then back flip approximately 69ft away from them and then it will start raining, but it isn't water its Vodka and they have to bathe and drink it till they get drunk and have a hangover the next morning. Putin will return to his presidential and dictatorial duties.
Guy 1:Hey have you looked up russias history?

Guy 2:no

Guy 1: good
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