2 definitions by Tweed Betts

Someone who's over the top; beyond being just a dick or an asshole. Someone with unrealistic expectations of what they expect (or want) of you; with little regard to how much you might have to give to accomplish it; or consider it when they want something from you
Your son and his wife really are being a cock, with them expecting you to baby sit their children on Christmas Eve starting at 6:45 am; and then refusing to bring their children over for a short visit on Christmas day even tho they only live 3 minutes away
by Tweed Betts December 24, 2019
It's that 40 something year old guy who drives back and forth in a jacked up, loud white truck, all day long; that's sounds like he's really moving while he's actually barely creeping along. Probably a massive over-compensation for his short-comings that causes dissatisfactions for others.
There goes that Arnold Gump fuck again causing such an un-necessary nuisance
by Tweed Betts June 9, 2019