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The act of hitting someone's ears with the palms of your hands. Typically results in the recipient being in extreme pain, and occasionally, deafness (either temporary or permanent).

Boxing someone's ears is usually done with the express purpose of punishing someone for an offence, although is by no means limited to such. It can also be used as an impromptu self defence technique, or just to piss off someone you don't particularly like.
"Box his ears, pop! Box his ears!"
by Turkey Boy January 23, 2008
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A lesser grade of 1337. To be 1335 is to be "less" than 1337, but still more 1337 than the average person.
"|)|_||)3, j00 0|\|1Y Q|_|41!fY f0R 1335 $747|_|$!"

Translation: "Dude, you only qualify for 1335 status!"
by Turkey Boy April 06, 2005
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A greater degree of being hardcore.
"Man, that guy isn't just hardcore, he's MADCORE!"
by Turkey Boy March 31, 2005
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Someone who meets two requirements. Firstly, being exceedingly attractive, and secondly being exceedingly cool. Someone who is a hotsicle, typically has lots of friends who admire him/her (or alternately are envious of him/her). Any guy or girl in a relationship with a hotsicle tends towards being very lucky in the short term, but runs a risk of being extremely unlucky in the long term, as hotsicles also generally are not the brightest people around, and lack key principles where relationships are concerned.
Guy 1: Man... Did you just see that girl that walked past us? I'd hit that in a new york minute.

Guy 2: Are you kidding? I agree she's a hotsicle, but you know what they say about those...
by Turkey Boy January 30, 2008
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To sacrifice something (usually your own personal tastes) for the greater good of snacking as a group. First coined in a "For Better Or For Worse" strip, published August 31st, 2007.
April: But you love them! How can you buy butter tarts with no raisins?!

Elly: Call it a snacrifice.
by Turkey Boy September 01, 2007
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An apple, being spherical and smooth, is one of the least sharp objects one could find. The phrase "sharp as an apple" therefore means that the subject is slow mentally. An idiot. It can also be used in a self-deprecating manner whenever someone comments on your failures, though typically it helps if you don't actually believe you are.
Guy 1: Hey man, what do you think would happen if I stuck my hand in this blender and turned it on?
Guy 2: You really are sharp as an apple, you know that?
by Turkey Boy February 27, 2008
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Overreacting, or being overly dramatic, to the point where a small event becomes the equivalent size of Homer's Illead. Making a big deal over something that probably shouldn't have even been a problem at all in the first place.
Girl: Oh. My. Gawd. You should have heard her! She told me that my hair was frizzy! That bitch won't get away with it. You'll see. I'm going to get my revenge, and here's how I'll do it...

Guy: Alright, calm down. Seriously, you're illeacting right now. Take a deep breath and let it go.
by Turkey Boy January 30, 2008
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