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1) Female reproductive organ
2) Hot women, esp in large groups at social functions
That party was amazing, it was full of mad pudenda!
by Tuffy May 18, 2005

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Titty fucking a girl, but instead of kneeling over her stomach as you do it, kneel over her face. As you thrust back and forth between her breasts, your ass crack rubs up and down over her nose, as if she was in a wind tunnel.
Thank goodness I had washed my ass crack before my date ... that girl wanted me to give her the Chicago Wind Tunnel!
by Tuffy May 24, 2005

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The worst possible example. Awful, terrible. Poor quality, posessing of no ability.
I've heard a lot of records, but that one I just bought is durst.
by Tuffy May 18, 2005

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