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Christianity's method for getting their hooks into you the second you are born. Gets parents to rush to the church with a fat check to wash all the naughty badness clinging to their child.

Being human is sinful, living is sinful, breathing is sinful. The only thing that isn't sinful is doing and believing everything your religious leaders tell you. Actually, you'll probably screw that up too.

Believer: You can't get an abortion. You are killing an inocent child.

Non-Believer: What about original sin? The fetus is rotten with the taint of Adam and Eve's disobedience. Hell, that fetus doesn't even believe in Jesus.

Believer: The child must live so we can indoctrinate it into a confused cycle of self-loathing and smug righteousness.
by Tsunami128 May 27, 2006
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