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Fuck Shack, any enclosed area or location, usually cramped in size, that is used for couple or group sex. (i.e. a car, port-o-potty)
We found your car with a note inside:

"Thanks for the F-Shack. - Dirty Mike and the Boyz"

There must have been some homeless guys foolin around in it. We call that a soup kitchen.
by Tsmudge09 October 08, 2010
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1. In a completely and utterly drunken inebriated rage it exist as a threat from a heterosexual male to a heterosexual female. It is used to degrade the opposite sex for rejecting sexual advances and/or potential acts of pleasure.

2. Following through with the aforementioned threat. It is the act of combining crisp romaine lettuce, fresh parmesan cheese, semen, dingleberries, and grundle grease into a large stainless steel salad bowl then forcing a females head into the bowl to make sure she gets her helping of vegetables and cock.

Ryan: Hey Nicole, are your roommates gone?

Nicole: Yeah, why?

Ryan: Well I'm feeling pretty loose, and I was thinking about a quick handy.

Nicole: Eww, no way Ryan you're drunk!

Ryan: Whatever you dirty hood rat, I'll give you a cock caesar salad!


Ryan: Hey Nicole, I brought you dinner.

Nicole: What is it?

Ryan: It is a nice hefty load of cock caesar salad! Enjoy bitch!
by Tsmudge09 May 05, 2009
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(n) the semen built up in the male testes from the prolonged absence of said person's significant other. Often the result of long distance relationships.
Rodney had stooped into a deep depression and couldn't even muster up the strength to whack and as a result ended up with multiple repressed jizzims. However, this Saturday, he'd finally get the chance to bust a nut upon his girlfriend's arrival in town.
by Tsmudge09 October 30, 2011
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