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A poorly paid individual who politely endures the torture of rude posh customers every day they are at work. They are usually extremely interesting and intelligent people, yet are submitted to constant patronisation and unnecessary abuse by the individuals they serve.

Identifying a Barista:

They often show fabulous abilities in memory...
Customer: "can I have a large extra hot soya 2 shot latte, 3 small cappuccinos, a medium wet chai latte, and a tea with 2 tea bags...to take away?"
Barista: "No problem"

They are identifiable by their muscular arms built by carrying enormous trays of dishes and coffee beans across their store...
"Look at those arms on her!"
"Yeah, definitely a Barista"

When a Barista approaches, you will smell them before you see them, and can hence never be tired in their presence..
"Do you mind going on the sofa tonight? You smell of coffee so much that I can't sleep!"

They are faster than ninjas with their hands on that coffee machine...
Barista: "Your coffee is ready madam"
Customer: "Woah already? I hadn't even reached for my purse yet!"

They are polite, despite being continually tested by rude people...
Silly individual: "I want a filter coffee with no milk please"
Barista: "Sure, here you go - enjoy!"
Barista: "Oh, I'm so sorry sir, here's your milk"

A Barista is always hard working, yet underestimated and under appreciated by many.
That girl is amazing, do you know much about her?
She's a Barista.
by Truthfulgirl July 08, 2014

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A battery powered hair ripping devil machine...like a waxing machine that grabs your hairs in it's rotating wheel with much discomfort. After epilation usage you will be traumatized, and you'll look like a plucked chicken.

But at least your legs will be smooth.
"I used my epilator this morning"
*collective sharp intake of breath*
by Truthfulgirl July 08, 2014

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one who is the living proof that perfection is possible. More commonly used as general term of endearment or a goal to ensure strife for improvement in social norms. One should approach a kann wherever possible as it is a rare opportunity to be in the presence with such faultlessness.
average guy:oh my gosh i just saw kann
other average guy: hahahaha seriously. whats for lunch?
by truthfulgirl January 02, 2012

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