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horrible condition where a overwhelmingly fear occurs in social settings. Self consciousness and fear arise when situations like speaking in public and being the center of attention is present. The person automatically thinks that everyone is looking, judging, or humilating him or her. People with are a little weird but NOT FREAKS; Im a cool dude.

The horrible thing is that this condition is known by few, the cause is unknown, and sever symptoms such as a increasing heart rate, muscle twitches, sweating, and feeling warm.

People who dont know it will never understand it, and unfortunately I am one of the 13% of the population that have it and what makes it even more fucked up is that Im in school where it really fucks me up. Its fuckin sad and nothin to laugh or fuck around wit. People with this are loners too. On a good note, I dont have it severly where people stay in their home for years but people will never understand it.
teacher: Today we'll have an oral presentation, each 40 minutes

me: FUCK!
by TruRapFan January 27, 2005
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First, I would like to say I like all different types of music. One of my favorites are rap tho. The previous guys who said rap is crap are obviously narrow minded racist idiots.

*All rap doesnt sound the same* You got Nelly, Chingy, Lil Romeo, and Stagga Lee who are all jus horrible and full of garbage. On the other hand you have Wutang Clan, Ice Cube, KRS-One, Nas, Rakim, Canibus, Tupac, Biggie and others who express their background and life, and send out important messages. As in all types of music you have the garbage, in the case of rap it is the commercial music, and the good, in the case of rap it is the underground music that the hip hop heads know about and others dont know about.

Most white people that hate rap have only listened to today's commercial garbage and not the real underground shit. Some just are dickriding punks.

So "rap is crap" is a inaccurate saying that narrow minded dickriders use to refer to all rap even though they havent heard all kinds of rap.
punk rocker: "dude, rap is crap" we rock fans all hate rap

rock fan: What are you talkin about fool. Wutang is the shit, Run DMC is the shit, Nas is the shit. Steven Tyler's down with rap too, you narrow minded idoit
by TruRapFan January 04, 2005
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