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1) One of Suzuki's models of a motorbike.
2) The last name of the player character (Ryu Hayabusa) who was a ninja from the Ninja Gaiden video game series by Tecmo. Known game installments span from the NES, SNES, Atari Lynx, Arcade/MAME, MS-DOS, Gameboy, XBox and possibly others unreleased as of now. Ryu Hayabusa has also been featured in the Dead or Alive video game series that spaned various systems including arcade cabinets. Searching for Ryu on the web, including Urbandictionary.com will more than likely yield results related to the Street Fighter character Ryu, so it would be best to search for Ryu Hayabusa, Ryu + Ninja Gaiden or Ryu + Dead or Alive for anything related to this particular character
1) Suzuki Hayabusa
2) Ryu Hayabusa is the Ninja from Ninja Gaiden. Do I really need a text example for that?
by Trentdaddy February 27, 2006
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A crappy misinterpretation of the word hadouken / hadoken and sometimes shoryuken from the Street Fighter video Game series. This is usually the case with games on older video game systems such as the Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo Entertainment System as the sound quality is not realistic or clear, so it is sometimes hard to determine what is actually being said.
A person is playing a game of Street Fighter Alpha 3 (with the character Ryu) and he performs the Hadouken(Ha-doo-ken) or Shoryuken(Sho-roo-ken_attack.

Ryu screams out the word "HADOUKEN!"

The player (out of sillyness and misinterpretation) says the word HAYOUGET! but does not know that the character actually says "Hadouken!" instead.
by Trentdaddy January 30, 2004
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