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Acronym for Steaming Hot Liquid Acid Diarrhea. It is a thin, liquidity substance that is highly acidic in nature and has the ability to eat through almost any material.
He stuck his arm in a vat of S.H.L.A.D. and when he pulled it out nothing remained but clean, bleached bone.
by Tr1ad August 19, 2009

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The highest level Shaman who disguises himself as the lowest level of Shaman who solo raids incredibly difficult instances and completely and totally destroys them. In Oogroogiss lore, it is believed that at Level 1 he successfully raided Ulduar... By HIMSELF!
Oogroogiss was born of the earth and grew quickly to maturity within a year, leveling from 1 to 80 but remained looking like a level 1 Shaman.
by Tr1ad August 21, 2009

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