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A religious maniac that can't tolerate Christianity but expects everyone to tolerate them. Thats basically it. For more information, see Islam

also note that most muslims arent terrorists but most terrorists are muslims. just a few terrorists like George W Bush and Dick Cheney are.
Welcome to my country, Thank you Allah for this person.
Welcome to 7/11, Thank you Allah for gasoline.
Welcome to my cab, Thank you Allah for 7/11.
Welcome to my church, if you leave, when you die we will eat your corpse.
Welcome to Iraq, Thank Allah for the land we stand on even if we will be destroyed by it in 10 seconds because of a bomb.

Muslims are hypocrites.
by Tory Burnett December 01, 2007

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when you are high on weed/crack/meth/ecstacy/heroin
Stoner: Take me to Uranus!
Dragon: No.
Stoner: But you're the magic fucking dragon.
Dragon: I'm your wife.
Stoner: SHIELA?!?
Wife: My name is Barbara. Who the hell is Shiela?
Stoner: Oh cheat i was shieling with a fuck named chick.
Wife: What the fuck?!?
Stoner: I'm sorry, I'm ragdoning the dire magic.
Wife: What the fuck?!?
(Stoner lifts up a joint)
Wife: How many times have I told you NOT TO RIDE THE MAGIC DRAGON?!?
Stoner: Take me to Uranus!
(Wife calls Police)
Cop: Yeah?
Wife: My husband is riding the magic dragon.
by Tory Burnett October 21, 2007

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1. Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game
2. Massively Mentally Obese, Righteously Pissed-on Game

1. Hey man did you play the new MMORPG, RuneScape?
2. Hey man RuneScape is a hell of an MMORPG. It sucked so bad I actually thought it was a RIP-OFF of a game that completely and brutally consumed the souls of the retarded to turn them into geeks without emotion.
by Tory Burnett January 01, 2008

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a stupid fucking idiot that hates everything and everyone for no apparent reason.
dude a: hahaha
dude b: whats so goddamn funny?
dude a: hahaha
dude b: dumbass.
dude b takes a chainsaw and tears dude b's arm off
dude a: hahaha
dude c: hahaha
dude d: hahaha
dude e: dumbasses...
dude b and dude e have sex and scream, HATERR, HAAAATER!!
dude f: fuckin haters...
by Tory Burnett October 28, 2007

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The war that is taking place now that will result in worldwide anarchy and free everyone who hasnt already been freed from the corporate mind control that sets the foundation of all governments.
World War 3 is already happening! REVOLUTION!!
by Tory Burnett December 29, 2007

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One of the biggest gangs in America, its rivalry with the Crips has caused many terrors in big cities like LA, New York, and San Diego. BLOOD is an acronym meaning Brotherly Love Overriding Oppressive Destruction
Dude A: One, Two, Three, into da-
Dude B: Snoop Dogg is a part of da bloods.

Dude A stops rapping instantly
by Tory Burnett October 25, 2007

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