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there's 2 definitions for this..

either 1. you just don't care what the other person is saying or 2. you really do think it's GREAT.. AWESOME
"yeahhh mannn i got drunk and screwed this chick the other night.."
"heh, neat."
by Torie November 26, 2003

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when you stick a apple up your butt wiht the stem sticking out and you push it out wiht you butt muscles
ooh man did u see those hott chick doing appleback at the party last night?
no dood i cant believe i missed that!
by torie January 15, 2005

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small town in Virginia. The most boring place in the world. Well, one of them. GET FAR AWAY! Rich snobs and wayy to many forests. Bored just thinking about it!
I am so glad i moved away from great falls!
by Torie March 27, 2005

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