72 definitions by Tonythetiler

Earned respect to a woman who raises the bar for her gender. In a fat land of Karens she rocks a bikini. You don't see a tiara on her yet tells float around her from the little stars in grown mens heads.
She speaks with Snowwhite Voice and dwells her sentences in your story.
Selfless in her transactions she gives to all eye contact at least.
Kat Oh I love her. Everybody loves her. When you walk away from her you feel better. That Snowwhite voice and the peaceful beauty really raises the peasant.
She is with Tonythetiler now. He treats her like he saw God. Like some kinda trance.

Built her a 14 foot tall paper moon sculpture constructed from basalt rebar and shotcrete . She is a noble queen he had no choice. The laws of reciprocity and the loyalty pyramid fueld his masonic to do list.

Yeah well I hope my girlfriend never sees this, because she might demand I treat her like that.
by Tonythetiler January 24, 2022
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Pretty woman with full California golden blonde full metal jacket peach fuzz beard
dude looks like a lady
Talliblonde sister golden hair suprise
by Tonythetiler October 27, 2021
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