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Any person (most commonly of italian descent) that has an immense amount of pride in himself. Usually wears tight Armani Exchange, Ed Hardy, Calvin Klein, or Guess clothing. Typically spend a significant amount of time on his appearence in order to look flashy and appealing. Hairstyles include Crowns, Front Flips, Fohawks, and spikes. The most abundant place that Guido's are found are in the New Jersey, New York Tri-state area. Can sometimes be associated with metro-sexual as they do tend to care about their outward appearance more then other men. Usually spend time on facial grooming (eyebrow waxing, ect..) and tanning.

Guido's enjoy clubbing and drinking and girls. Dance styles can seem a little out of whack, but it is a form of expressing ones mental and physical state of tranquility and ecstasy. They take pride in their own italian background (as little or non existent it may be) and enjoy a restless, and care free life
Look at that Guido on the dancefloor.
by TonyDel January 19, 2010
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