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The act of inserting a corncob up one's anus.
Last night, I caught my roomate corn curling in the bathroom.
by Tony Bowls February 18, 2010
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(noun) Name for a set of testicles that are used to smack bitches in the face.
Becca was giving a presentation until her professer, Dr. Gangle, smacked her in the face with his danglies.
by Tony Bowls March 03, 2010
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The leaky excretions that are a byproduct of diarrhea. Also is used to reference the Cleveland Browns and can be used as a battle cry whenever the Browns score.
"Last night my friend had a steak and cheese and then exploded brown sauce all over the bathroom."

Friend 1: "What's the score of the game?"
Friend 2: "24-7, Cleveland's killing New England."
Friend 1: "BROWN SAUCE!!!!!!"
by Tony Bowls November 07, 2010
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