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the point in the evolution of humanity where human create a technological intelligence that exceeds the intelligence of humans.
Humans are only 30,000 years old technologically; yet within the next 100 years we may produce a technological singularity where we are no longer the dominant intelligence on Earth.
by ToniT July 27, 2014
A phrase first coined in MTV show Geordie Shore, a Buckin Bungalow is a spare room which is separate from the main building, where people go to engage in frivolous sexual activities.
Gaz: Just got out of the hot tub, now i'm gonna take her to the buckin bungalow.

James: everyone's in their bed, better go to the buckin bungalow.
by ToniT May 29, 2013
the unethical and/or illegal allocation of resources and/or opportunities
Administrative corruption is often based upon using company resources for personal agendas, with company losses with no useful returns on investment.
by ToniT July 27, 2014