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A light scrounging tard is the name given to a chav who goes out and buys cigarettes and yet has no idea you have to light them until they leave the shop and open the packet. They then proceed to ask random members of the public, mainly people they don't like (mostly greebo kids) for a light.
Chav: Yo man, you got a light?
Member of Public: What? You light scrounging tard, you spent about a fiver on a packet of cigarettes and yet didn't spend the 10p needed for a box of matches? Fuck Off!
by Tommy The Beer Drinker April 20, 2006

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Another word for sideburns deriving from the word Mutton-Chops
Yo he's old enough to drink, look at those fat ass lambies
by Tommy The Beer Drinker October 30, 2007

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