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(Violent By Choice) A Hardcore Crew formed in New Jersey in the early 90's by Members of the band Gutwrench, Keith Rooney and John Egan. The crew has had many ups and downs over the years but is still somewhat intact. Still most notably represented in the music scene by Tommy Hardcore, Member of the groups Hoodbully and Full Metal Jacket. The crew is mostly operating underground and in NJ jails and Prisons.
"Violent by Choice" was the title of a Gutwrench song. The Biohazard song "My Life My Way" was written about founding V.B.C. member John Egan (R.I.P.).
by Tommy Hardcore August 29, 2011
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A bully in the Hood
One who beats, robs, and intimidates just to get by in the Hood. www.facebook.com/hoodbullyhxc
by Tommy Hardcore July 16, 2011
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A Hardcore Rap group Formed by Stikman from The Legendary NJHC band Fury Of Five, and Boxcutter, along with the members of underground rap metal group Hoodbully, Tommy Hardcore & Mike King. They have invented a new genre of music they call "Pit Rap" Music that Has a hardcore rap groove and people can mosh to. Look for their Facebook page and first single "Fuck Hip Hop" coming VERY soon!!!
Yo you hear that new Full Metal Jacket? Them boys go hard!!!
by Tommy Hardcore August 29, 2011
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