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When you find something you don't completely understand, add aliens, and quote mine a few officials on a webpage and ask for donations.
Area 51... anything made with advanced metal MUST be involved with an alien conspiracy, DUH.
by Tom Scaret July 29, 2009
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The act of peeling a banana with your teeth while simultaneously doing the can-can to the Bee-Gees.
*Read out loud in Indian accent*
Holy crap kids, cover your eyes! He's CHEEZITing!
by Tom Scaret July 29, 2009
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When a wannabe-stalker (most likely a fat,lazy nerd) decides to save time and energy on his illegal actions by just reading people's Twitter updates and imagining their situations.
Bob was arrested for Twitter-Stalking a supermodel.
by Tom Scaret September 05, 2009
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