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a exclamation usualy uttered by Family Guy's Stewie Griffin when he is suprised by just about anything.
Peter: (Walks out of the bathroom and wanders into another room. He walks into the room and walks behind the bed. We find out that this is Chris' room.) Hey, you still awake, Lois honey? (Peter lays down into Chris' bed.)
Chris: Dad?
Peter: That's right, I'm your daddy. Shh, Shh, Shh, Shh. Don't talk, Lois, don't talk. Just let me do all the work. Yeah...now feel my warm breath on the nape of your neck. My hands on your big soft boobs...running down your big man-like chest. (Peter jumps up.) Holy crap, It's Chris!! Uhh...Uhh...So, uhh...How ya doin'? You do all your homework?
Chris: (nods his head.)
Peter: Finish all your subjects?
Chris: Yes, sir.
Peter: Good, just uhh, just checkin'. (Backs towards the door.) Have a good night son. (Walks down the hall.)
Peter: You still awake honey?
Stewie: What the deuce?
by Toddfather October 03, 2005
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Something you put your mug up on, you saddle up and ride, an ass.
Dave Chapplle: What is A "Badonkadonk"?
Lady Cop: are you talking about my butt? umm
Dave: that is correct
Dave Chappelle: What is A "Badonkadonk"?
Asian Grocery Store man: Um a big penis?
Dave Chappelle: im sorry thats incorrect.
by ToddFather June 27, 2006
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