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The feeling of regret after you've just shot your load. Normally happens after you've had two hour wank session over some really, really filthy anal dressed up like a pig A2M porn that turns your stomach and makes you fire 2 metres.

Results in you running ccleaner to clear your tracks, the deletion of your five year porn stash and a cold shower.
Tim: I just burnt my clothes, chucked the PC out of the window and chopped my own balls off.

Ben: Bad case wanker's regret man.
by TimBen86 December 23, 2009

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The shame and anxiety one suffers while taking a shit. Often happens at weak moments after you've recently done something stupid.
Tim: Man, i'm got a serious case of shitter's shame just now

Ben: Why? Whats up man?

Tim: I keep feeling real insecure... Must be the shame of shagging your mother last week.
by TimBen86 December 23, 2009

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