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Translates as 'Oh My Non Specific Deity'

It is a neutral exclaimtion for all who don't like blasphemy or prefer not to offend people.

Or surprise of course.

'OMNSD what the hell was that'?

Or online;

'OMNSD you just pwned that guy'!
by Tim Hart October 16, 2006

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A cry of sucess. Used at the end to accent the point.

Created by me accidentally after a sucessful situation.

May also be used into OU'Fricking'Zae!
Upon completion of Project/finishing computergame/Etc.

by Tim Hart October 26, 2004

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A possible new stage in the 'Roflcopter' and 'LollerSkates' in terms of speed.

It is to be followed with a Formula one car driveby noise of 'lllllloooooolllllll'.
V; Here I come in my Lollerskates! *lol lol*

A: Followed by my roflcopter! *roflroflrofl*

Me: You're both dust behind my Formulola one car *lllllooooolllll*
by Tim Hart November 12, 2007

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