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A person that plays the oboe really well and loves it. They are the most friendly people you will ever meet, but some are more friendly than others. They are socialites and are the life of parties, but can still settle down and appreciate the beauty of life, nature, and music. Some can be the most amazing people you will ever meet.
Evan: HI!!! I'm Evan!!!! I'm and oboist!!! What's your name??
Me: I'm K-
Evan: That's great! Nice to meet you! Do you like running? I LOVE to run!!! That and video games!! So, when I was four, my mom was telling me how...

but still...

Me: It's SO beautiful out here!!!
Evan: I know. It's amazing!
Me: wow
Evan: (quietly sitting, enjoying the view)
by TiggerIsHappy August 21, 2011

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