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An adjective or verb synonymous with stealthiness, nimbleness, quickness, sneakiness, bendy, and/or talented when it comes to climbing things. A person with a lot of this acts very similar to a spidermonkey, in a good way.

Also can be said as spidermonkied, spidermonkey-like, or spidermonkeying.

As a Verb

"Did you guys see Saw? Yeah, I almost crapped my pants when Jigsaw spidermonkied up on that guy with the camera!"

As an Adjective

Guy #1: Hey man. How did things go with that circus chick you took home last night?

Guy #2: Actually it was pretty awesome. She was so spidermonkey- I almost passed out trying to keep up with her.

In the Workplace

(At McDonald's)
Boss: A kid dropped their shoe behind the Play Place, so I'm gonna need one of you to spidermonkey back there and retrieve it.
by Tiger02 February 23, 2009

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Similar to a cameltoe, only for men. It's not so much a wedgie as it is your underwear riding up while the front of your pants ride down, but it's still insanely annoying.
Guy: I hate these freaking pants! Everytime I wear them I end up fixing my mammaltoe the entire rest of the night
by Tiger02 January 19, 2009

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