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A small welsh town, extend from a small welsh market town entirely for the influx of midlanders in the 80’s, giving away the council houses to anyone willing to work in the many factories.

Close to the home of Laura Ashley in neighbouring carno...
Home of the welsh woollen mill
Home of Pryce Jones

Most kids want to leave as soon as they are old enough, few return

Full of miserable people

With a few enthusiastics scattered for good measure.

Most people are on benifts (they don’t like to work)

Massive drug problems (well when there’s nothing to do ... just get high) 😂
More charity shops than high street shops
It’s a great place to live ... said no one ever...
Newtown? Never heard of it ... oh wait yeah I drive though it on the way to the beach

Newtown god yeah I know it, terrible traffic I drive though on the way to the beach

Newtown? Nope never heard of it
Is it close to Welshpool? yeah I know Welshpool

Newtown? Wow that’s in the middle of nowhere!

Newtown? The home of that build building Pryce Jones? Is it still there?

Ahh yeah my aunt used to work in kay’s in Newtown.
by Tidyinit December 20, 2018

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