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When two or more people decide to ignore personal messages and Facebook chat and have a conversation only through wall posts. These wall posts come up in the news feed and annoy other Facebook users. There are differing degrees, but 'raping the newsfeed' is an extreme case.
I really wish Suzy and Bobby would stop raping the newsfeed!
by TiasDias January 31, 2011

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To solve a quadratic equation by way of the quadratic formula. A quicker way do describe the method. Can be used in non mathematical settings as an easy answer when one is confronted with an impossible problem.
Hey dude, how do I solve this problem?
Just quadraticize that shit.
by TiasDias December 03, 2010

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To become excessively drunk and then proceed to write autotuned songs about the experience.
Dude, she was seriously ke$hin' last night at karaoke.
by TiasDias November 16, 2010

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