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High School located in Wendell, North Carolina. The school is currently divided into four small schools, which include Health Science, Integrated Technology, Engineering, and Arts, Education, and Global Studies. The small schools model will probably be revoked soon, as audits have shown that it hasn't been as successful as hoped. East Wake is not the best school around, but is home to many talented individuals in the areas of art, athletics, and academics. The fine arts department is noteworthy. East Wake has some wonderful singers and dancers (hip hop, lyrical, jazz, etc). Additionally, there are smart individuals at East Wake who end up at UNC, NCSU, even Yale. East Wake is not just the pushover school that many expect it to be. The AP Students at East Wake work hard (which many reviewers forsake to mention, because they've never actually taken any AP Classes). Overall, the administration is largely unorganized, but East Wake has some quality people that are sometimes overlooked because of the negative image that other students bring to the school.
Student 1: "Did you hear about that fight at East Wake High School?"
Student 2: "Did you hear about East Wake High School's latest NHS project?"
Student 1: dumbfounded...
Student 2: "Yeah, didn't think so. Get a life."
by Thoughtful Evaluator January 23, 2010

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