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A person who faxes from one floor to another instead of getting up and running the information because they're too lazy to get out of their chair.
Dilbert, over in Engineering, is such a fax potato. He sent me 15 faxes this week. What, he can't leave his office to run me a READABLE spec sheet?
by Thor Rudebeck August 22, 2004
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(1) (also ACT Assessment) A standardized test, administered mostly in the midwestern United States by the ACT organization. ACT stood for American College Testing until 1996 when, in a similar manner to the SAT, it shortened its name to ACT to "better reflect the broad range of services" they offer to high school students.

(2) An abbreviation for Australian Capital Territory, which contains Canberra, Australia's capital (NOT Sydney).
(1) I have taken the ACT 3 times.
(2) CANBERRA, ACT - In a landmark vote, Australia's Parliament voted to allow compressed soybean oil to be sold on the open market provided its packaging...
by Thor Rudebeck August 23, 2004
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A 60's movie by Noel Coward starring Michael Caine, shamelessly - SHAMELESSLY - remade in the new milennium, only without the fun cockney song.
Hang on a minute, lads, I've got a great idea... uh... uh... -Michael Caine (Croker)
by Thor Rudebeck August 22, 2004
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