3 definitions by Thor Heyerdahl

(verb) to cake

The act of defacatingon a partner's face and smearing it with a baker's spatula. As opposed to a hot karl, a hot lunch, or a cleavland steamer, which only requires the partner to defacate, caking involves the artful and even spreading of the feces with a baker's spatula.
Mr. Fantana I want you to take a huge dump on me and proceed with the caking. Make sure to use the baker's spatula I got from Sur la Table.
by Thor Heyerdahl March 9, 2006
A transexual of Asian descent, usually originating from Bangkok Thailand.
Axel had anal sex in the dark with an Asian woman he met in a bar last nigh, only to discover that she was an Asian Ladyboy Tranny
by Thor Heyerdahl March 13, 2004
A contraction of the phrase, "cum dumpster."

Also known as the hard drive where all the porn is stored.

Also known as Lopez
Dude that last 40 gigabytes filled up the cumpster
by Thor Heyerdahl March 13, 2004