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A masculine woman who is such a badass warrior who fight for what she want and no one can break her heart , they grown heartless and they find it healthier for living.
Octavia Blake and Lexa (in the100 series) and also Vi (arcane series)are a totally virago.
by ThisisAsh August 12, 2022
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Melika means waves of ocean.They are silent person and also They are serious girl in first place but when them let you close to them , they are the funniest person. they are realistic people. She has big heart , when she fall in love with you she do whatever she can for your relationship but when she lose her trust she easily erase all the memories of you and leave you. Melika have black or dark brown hair . She loves flowers but she doesn't like to pick up them. When she is sad don't talk to her just be a good listener. She is really hot temper and she easily become angry watch out yourself and run :)))))
Melika means waves of ocean, beauty and queen
by ThisisAsh July 22, 2022
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