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What people are called, who contract the Adenovirus-36 Virus, and develop a higher than healthy weight.
In a study (published in 2002) Adenovirus-36 was injected into monkeys, and caused dramatic weight gains. When fat cells are exposed to AD-36, they begin to multiply. In some animals the virus causes fat cells to rapidly triple. In an analysis of 1000 people, those found with AD-36 antibodies, a sign of infection, were far more likely to be overweight. The virus is released by mites, and it can also cause colds - which is exactly WHY most humans instintivly FEAR fat people, and treat them with cruely to drive them away. (Though - these very same people would be ashamed to be caught treating other sick people this way: Flu suffers, people with cancer - both caused by viruses.)
Cruelty to "fat" people is concidered a form of "culturaly santioned cruelty", very similar to stoning (as in, torturing to death with rocks - not "getting high" with marijuana ;-) lepers to death, a "sport" enjoyed back in biblical times. It takes an unusually strong, indivadual with the strength of character to stand up, defy the common herd, and think for their self. Very few animals are this inteligent.
She's fat - trip her, and run! - Ha Ha!
He's fat! Ha Ha ! Let's throw rocks at him!
by Thetasigma February 12, 2007

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