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People who post hate filled messages via internet. E-Racists are too afraid to expose their true racist belifes in real life for fear of being beaten up or stabbed.

Your typical e-racist will be a white male from the ages of 12-40 all of which still live with their parents.

You can find their postings on random porn sites in which they see the size of another races genitalia and become extremely jealous.

You can also find E-Racist postings on Urban Dictionary in which these little bastards post definition to words like coon, nigger, and tar baby
White kid #1: "Dude, look at all those black guys gang banging that white hooker!"
White kid #2: "How come we never gang banged a white hooker?"
White kid #1: "I dunno but it makes me angry! (Types) Fucking jungle bunny niggers stealing up all the good respectable white hookers..."
White kid #2: "Dude, thats not cool!"
White kid#1: "Its ok man i'm only an E-Racist!"
by Thelastblackhope March 05, 2008

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