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1. A song by Hip Hop/R&B artist Drake widely believed to be about a stripper or video vixen (it is never distinguished 100% by anything other than Drake saying to "throw your ones up in the air for her"). However, despite the topic of the song, "Houstatlantavegas" clearly represents a fictional setting/city, combining the names of three major cities with a very hostile/lively nightlife, in which lights are flashing, people are moving, and there is no sign of slowing down; if not a state of mind in which it is called "Houstatlantavegas" in order to represent an accelerated train of thought lacking anything wholesome, substantial, or important, an almost "high off life" mentality. Drake states in the hook "She just stuck in Houstatlantavegas", so to speak of "Houstatlantavegas" out of the context of the song is the equivalent of saying something is 'lost in the sauce', or somewhere something can't be found/reached or brought back; It is stuck in "Houstatlantavegas".
A. If you don't know specifically where you are, it would be safe to say you're stuck in Houstatlantavegas, providing the environment fits the implied description in the song.

B. In a party, lounge/bar or (especially) club setting, where you are having a little too much fun to be completely coherent. Your phone rings, or a text comes in, asking what it is you're doing or where it is you're at, to which you reply that you are currently "stuck in Houstatlantavegas".

C. Don't put it past one to describe a high or drug trip to be the equivalent of being "stuck in Houstatlantavegas", obviously using the name extremely loose and referring to Houstatlantavegas to a state of mind.
by Theharlemshake May 24, 2009
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