Not to be confused with the video ho, the video vixen is a woman of a different and astonishing nature. A video vixen is capable of causing mutiple jerk off sessions during the period a day. A video vixen is not thought to be easily attainable even though her skin bearing appearance may lead one to assume otherwise. Video vixens are known to cause premature ejaculation. See Maya.
I've been trying to fuck that video vixen for real for 2 years, emphasis on for real.
by Dagawd July 26, 2006
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Unlike the common definition that most people accept for the term "video vixen," a video vixen is NOT a sexy dancer in a music video. A vixen is in fact a fox (literally the animal)...or an argumentative female. Therefore, a music video which contains a woman arguing in it--or a fox dancing around in it--would thus contain a video vixen.
That fox in that music video was a video vixen fo sho'!!
by truthteller2222 April 4, 2011
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A video vixen is a female of color or mixed ancestry who strips off her clothes, and put into a rap video as a prop.
by J Mac1 May 10, 2010
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Controversial book written by Superhead, aka Karrine Steffans, noted dick-sucker and video-ho. Alot of rappers are mad, because she talks about how she gave them head and they don't want thier wives to find out. She keeps the identity of only one of the many rappers she sucked-up secret, she refers to him as "Papa" in the book. Many people are wondering who "Papa"is.
Book enthusiast 1: "Have you read 'Confessions of a Video Vixen' Yet?"
Book enthusiast 2: "Yes, I finally broke down and got it cuz it was on sale! I had to go take a shower after I read it, though! What a nasty slut!"
by nastina June 8, 2006
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